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Frédérique Gourdon

Fréderique Gourdon is born in 1971 in Paris, lives and works in the region of Paris. Graduate of the Art School “Terre et Feu” in 2009, she currently splits her time between creating artwork and giving plastic art classes to young people and adults in a cultural center.


After having explored mixed media techniques: painting, engraving, collage, she experienced in 2015 a strong encounter with paper material and organic fiber.
Organic fiber reveals itself as a source of inspiration and allows the emergence of new poetic spaces. The weft creates a new thread to teach the path, to explore line work, coton thread and fabric.

With this thread that she mixes, entertwines, weaves, builds and deconstructs, Frédérique Gourdon tells us about processes, wanderings, fragile moments of life and the wear of time.

The fiber of the fabric is also part of her work, a material to transform, to deconstruct again, weaving unwoven offers, new perspectives...countless

Chenese ink and its never ending shades of grey highlights the empty spaces and offers at the same time as many breathing spaces.

The imprint of time is reflected on nature remains at the heart of the artist’s concern. Her artwork is the fruit of transformations through successive lavers, like the annual rings of the tree.
This time is the essential path to progress towards an escape, in order to bring light to ephemeral.

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